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The Strange Birth & History of Monero, Part III: Decentralized team

You can read here part I (by americanpegaus). This is the post that motivated me to make the part II. Now i'm doing a third part, and there'll be a final 4th part. This is probably too much but i wasn't able to make it shorter. Some will be interested in going through all them, and maybe someone is even willing to make a summary of the whole serie :D.
Monero - an anonymous coin based on CryptoNote technology
Comentarios de interés:
-4: "No change, this is just a renaming. In the future, the binaries will have to be changed, as well as some URL, but that's all. By the way, this very account (monero) is shared by several user and is meant to make it easier to change the OP in case of vacancy of the OP. This idea of a shared OP comes from Karmacoin.
Some more things to come:
-5: “Before this thread is too big, I would like to state that a bug has been identified in the emission curve and we are currently in the process of fixing it (me, TFT, and smooth). Currently coins are emitted at double the rate that was intended. We will correct this in the future, likely by bitshifting values of outputs before a certain height, and then correcting 1 min blocks to 2 min blocks. The changes proposed will be published to a Monero Improvement Protocol on github.”
[tacotime make public the bug in the emission curve: token creation is currently 2 times what was intended to be, see this chart BTC vs the actual XMR curve, as it was and it is now, vs the curve that was initially planned in yellow see chart]
-14: “Moving discussion to more relevant thread, previous found here:
I have to say that I am surprised that such an idea [halving current balances and then changing block target to 2 min with same block reward to solve the emission curve issue] is even being countenanced - there are several obvious arguments against it.
Perception - what kind of uproar would happen if this was tried on a more established coin? How can users be expected to trust a coin where it is perceived that the devs are able and willing to "dip" into people's wallets to solve problems?
Technically - people are trying to suggest that this will make no difference since it applies to reward and supply, which might be fair enough if the cap was halved also, but it isn't. People's holdings in the coin are being halved, however it is dressed up.
Market price - How can introducing uncertainty in the contents of people's wallets possibly help market price? I may well be making a fool of myself here, but I have never heard of such a fix before, unless you had savings in a Cypriot bank - has this ever been done for another coin?”
-15: “You make good points but unfortunately conflicting statements were made and it isn't possible to stick to them all. It was said that this coin had a mining reward schedule similar to bitcoin. In fact it is twice as fast as intended, even even a bit more than twice as fast as bitcoin.
If you acquired your coins on the basis of the advertised reward schedule, you would be disappointed, and rightfully so, as more coins come to into existence more quickly than you were led to believe.
To simply ignore that aspect of the bug is highly problematic. Every solution may be highly problematic, but the one being proposed was agreed as being the least bad by most of the major stakeholders. Maybe it will still not work, this coin will collapse, and there will need to be a relaunch, in which case all your coins will likely be worthless. I hope that doesn't happen.”
[smooth tries to justify his proposal to solve the emission curve issue: halve every current balance and change block target to 2 min with same block reward]
-16: “This coin wasn't working as advertised. It was supposed to be mined slowly like BTC but under the current emission schedule, 39% would be mined by the first year and 86% by the fourth year. Those targets have been moved out by a factor of 2, i.e. 86% mined by year 8, which is more like BTC's 75% by year 8. So the cap has been moved out much further into the future, constraining present and near-term supply, which is what determines the price.”
[eizh supports smooth’s plan]
-20: “So long as the process is fair and transparent it makes no difference what the number is... n or n/2 is the same relative value so long as the /2 is applied to everyone. Correcting this now will avoid people accusing the coin of a favourable premine for people who mined in the first week.”
[random user supporting smooth’s idea]
-21: “Why not a reduction in block reward of slightly more than half to bring it into line with the proposed graph? That would avoid all sorts of perceptual problems, would not upset present coin holders and be barely noticeable to future miners since less than one percent of coins have been mined so far, the alteration would be very small?”
-22: “Because that still turns into a pre-mine or instamine where a few people got twice as many coins as everyone else in the first week.
This was always a bug, and should be treated as such.”
[smooth wants to be sure they can’t be stigmatized as “premine”]
-23: “No, not true [answering to "it makes no difference what the number is... n or n/2 is the same relative value so long as the /2 is applied to everyone"]. Your share of the 18,000,000 coins is being halved - rightly or wrongly.”
[good point made by a user that is battling “hard” with smooth and his proposal]
-28: “+1 for halving all coins in circulation. Would they completely disappear? What would the process be?”
-31: “I will wait for the next coin based on CryptoNote. Many people, including myself, avoided BMR because TFT released without accepting input from anyone (afaik). I pm'ed TFT 8 days before launch to help and didn't get response until after launch. Based on posting within the thread, I bet there were other people. Now the broken code gets "fixed" by taking away coins.”
-32: “What you say is true, and I can't blame anyone from simply dropping this coin and wanting a complete fresh start instead. On the other hand, this coin is still gaining in popularity and is already getting close to bytecoin in hash rate, while avoiding its ninja premine. There is a lot done right here, and definitely a few mistakes.”
[smooth stands for the project legitimacy despite the bugs]
-37: “Since everything is scaled and retroactive, the only person to be affected is... me. Tongue Because I bought BMR with BTC, priced it with incorrect information, and my share relative to the eventual maximum has been halved. Oh well. The rest merely mined coins that never should have been mined. The "taking away coins" isn't a symptom of the fix: it's the fundamental thing that needed fixing. The result is more egalitarian and follows the original intention. Software is always a work-in-progress. Waiting for something ideal at launch is pretty hopeless. edit: Let me point out that most top cryptocurrencies today were released before KGW and other new difficulty retargeting algorithms became widespread. Consequently they had massive instamines on the first day, even favorites in good standing like LTC. Here the early miners are voluntarily reducing their eventual stake for the sake of fairness. How cool is that?”
[this is eizh supporting the project too]
-43: “I'm baffled that people are arguing about us making the emission schedule more fair. I'm an early adopter. This halves my money, and it's what I want to do. There's another change that needs to be talked about too: we don't believe that microscopic levels of inflation achieved at 9 or 10 years will secure a proof-of-work network. In fact, there's a vast amount of evidence from DogeCoin and InfiniteCoin that it will not. So, we'd like to fix reward when it goes between 0.25 - 1.00 coins. To do so, we need to further bitshift values to decrease the supply under 264-1 atomic units to accommodate this. Again, this hurts early adopters (like me), but is designed to ensure the correct operation of the chain in the long run. It's less than a week old, and if we're going to hardfork in economic changes that make sense we should do it now. We're real devs turning monero into the coin it should have been, and our active commitment should be nothing but good news. Fuck the pump and dumps, we're here to create something with value that people can use.”
[tacotime brings to the public for first time the tail emission proposal and writes what is my favourite sentence of the whole monero history: “Fuck the pump and dumps, we're here to create something with value that people can use”]
-51: “I think this is the right attitude. Like you I stand to "lose" from this decision in having my early mining halved, but I welcome it. Given how scammy the average coin launch is, I think maximizing fairness for everyone is the right move. Combining a fair distribution with the innovation of Cryptonote tech could be what differentiates Monero from other coins.”
-59: “Hello! It is very good that you've created this thread. I'm ok about renaming. But I can't agree with any protocol changes based only on decisions made by people. This is because not all miners are continiously reading forum. Any decision about protocol changes are to be made by hashpower-based voting. From my side I will agree on such a decision only if more than 50% of miners will agree. Without even such a simple majority from miners such changes are meaningless. In case of hardfork that isn't supported by majority of miners the network will split into two nets with low-power fork and high-power not-forking branches. I don't think that this will be good for anybody. Such a voting is easy to be implemented by setting minor_version of blocks to a specific value and counting decisions made after 1000 of blocks. Do you agree with such a procedure?”
[TFT appears after a couple days of inactivity]
-63: “In few days I will publish a code with merged mining support. This code will be turned ON only by voting process from miners. What does it mean:
The same procedure is suitable for all other protocol changes.”
[And now he is back, TFT is all about merged mining]
-67: “We don't agree that a reverse split amounts to "taking" coins. I also wouldn't agree that a regular forward split would be "giving" coins. It's an exchange of old coins with new coins, with very nearly the exact same value. There is a very slight difference in value due to the way the reward schedule is capped, but that won't be relevant for years or decades. Such a change is entirely reasonable to fix an error in a in coin that has only existed for a week.”
-68: “There were no error made in this coin but now there is an initiative to make some changes. Changes are always bad and changes destroy participant confidence even in case these changes are looking as useful. We have to be very careful before making any changes in coins”
[TFT does not accept the unexpected emission curve as a bug]
-72: “You are wrong TFT. The original announcement described the coin as having a reward curve "close to Bitcoin's original curve" (those are your exact words). The code as implemented has a reward curve that is nothing like bitcoin. It will be 86% mined in 4 years. It will be 98% mined in 8 years. Bitcoin is 50% mined in 4 years, and 75% in 8 years.
With respect TFT, you did the original fork, and you deserve credit for that. But this coin has now gone beyond your initial vision. It isn't just a question of whether miners are on bitcointalk or not.
There is a great team of people who are working hard to make this coin a success, and this team is collaborating regularly through forum posts, IRC, PM and email. And beyond that a community of users who by and large have been very supportive of the efforts we've taken to move this forward.
Also, miners aren't the only stakeholders, and while a miner voting process is great, it isn't the answer to every question. Though I do agree that miners need to be on board with any hard fork to avoid a harmful split.”
[smooth breaks out publicily for first time against TFT]
-75: “I suppose that merged mining as a possible option is a good idea as soon as nobody is forced to use it. MM is a possibility to accept PoW calculated for some other network. It helps to increase a security of both networks and makes it possible for miners not to choose between two networks if they want both:
Important things to know about MM:
Actually the only change that goes with MM is that we are able to accept PoW from some other net with same hash-function. Each miner can decide his own other net he will merge mine BMR with.
And this is still very secure.
This way I don't see any disadvantage in merged mining. What disadvantages do you see in MM?”
[TFT stands for merged mining]
-77: “Merged mining essentially forces people to merge both coins because that is the only economically rational decision. I do not want to support the ninja-premined coin with our hash rate.
Merged mining makes perfect sense for a coin with a very low hash rate, otherwise unable to secure itself effectively. That is the case with coins that merge mine with bitcoin. This coin already has 60% of the hash rate of bytecoin, and has no need to attach itself to another coin and encourage sharing of hash rate between the two. It stands well on its own and will likely eclipse bytecoin very soon.
I want people to make a clear choice between the fair launched coin and the ninja-premine that was already 80% mined before it was made public. Given such a choice I believe most will just choose this coin. Letting them choose both allows bytecoin to free ride on what we are doing here. Let the ninja-preminers go their own way.”
[smooth again]
-85: “One of you is saying that there was no mistake in the emission formula, while the other is. I'm not asking which I should believe . . I'm asking for a way to verify this”
[those that have not been paying attention to the soap opera since the beginning do not understand anything at all]
-86: “The quote I posted "close to Bitcoin's original curve" is from the original announcement here:
I think there was also some discussion on the thread about it being desirable to do that.
At one point in that discussion, I suggested increasing the denominator by a factor of 4, which is what ended up being done, but I also suggested retaining the block target at 2 minutes, which was not done. The effect of making one change without the other is to double the emission rate from something close to bitcoin to something much faster (see chart a few pages back on this thread).”
[smooth answers just a few minutes later]
-92: “I'm happy the Bitmonero attracts so much interest.
I'm not happy that some people want to destroy it.
Here is a simple a clear statement about plans:
We have two kind of stakeholders we have respect: miders and coin owners.
Before any protocol changes we will ask miners for agreement. No changes without explicit agreement of miners is possible.
We will never take away or discount any coins that are already emitted. This is the way we respect coin owners.
All other issues can be discussed, proposed and voted for. I understand that there are other opinions. All decisions that aren't supported in this coin can be introduced in any new coin. It's ok to start a new fork. It's not ok to try to destroy an existsing network.”
[TFT is kinda upset – he can see how the community is “somehow” taking over]
-94: “Sounds like there's probably going to be another fork then. Sigh.
I guess it will take a few tries to get this coin right.
The problem with not adjusting existing coins is that it make this a premine/instamine. If the emission schedule is changed but not as a bug fix, then earlier miners got an unfair advantage over everyone else. Certainly there are coins with premines and instamines, but there's a huge stigma and such a coin will never achieve the level of success we see for this coin. This was carefully discussed during the team meeting, which was announced a day ahead of time, and everyone with any visible involvement with the coin, you included, was invited. It is unfortunate you couldn't make it to that meeting TFT.”
[smooth is desperate due to TFT lack of interest in collaboration, and he publicly speaks about an scission for first time]
-115: “Very rough website online, (in case you asked, the domain name was voted on IRC, like the crypto name and its code). Webdesigner, webmaster, writers... wanted.”
[Even though the lack of consensus and the obvious chaos, the community keeps going on: Monero already has his own site]
-152: “Here's one idea on fixing the emissions without adjusting coin balances.
We temporarily reduce the emission rate to half of the new target for as long as it takes for the total emission from 0 to match the new curve. Thus there will be a temporary period when mining is very slow, and during that period there was a premine.
But once that period is compete, from the perspective of new adopters, there was no premine -- the total amount of coins emitted is exactly what the slow curve says it should be (and the average rate since genesis is almost the same as the rate at which they are mining, for the first year or so at least).
This means the mining rewards will be very low for a while (if done now then roughly two weeks), and may not attract many new miners. However, I think there enough of us early adopters (and even some new adopters who are willing to make a temporary sacrifice) who want to see this coin succeed to carry it through this period.
The sooner this is done the shorter the catch up period needs to be.”
[smooth makes a proposal to solve the “emission curve bug” without changing users balances and without favoring the early miners]
-182: “We have added a poll in the freenode IRC room "Poll #2: "Emission future of Monero, please vote!!" started by stickh3ad. Options: #1: "Keep emission like now"; #2: "Keep emission but change blocktime and final reward"; #3: "Keep emission but change blocktime"; #4: "Keep emission but change final reward"; #5: "Change emission"; #6: "Change emission and block time"; #7: "Change emission and block time and final reward"
Right now everyone is voting for #4, including me.”
[tacotime announces an ongoing votation on IRC]
-184: “ change emission: need to bitshift old values on the network or double values after a certain block. controversial. not sure if necessary. can be difficult to implement. keep emission: straightforward, we don't keep change emission or block time. change final reward is simple. if (blockSubsidy < finalSubsidy) return finalSubsidy; else return blockSubsidy;”
-188: “Yeah, well. We need to change the front page to reflect this if we can all agree on it.
We should post the emissions curve and the height and value that subsidy will be locked in to.
In my opinion this is the least disruptive thing we can do at the moment, and should ensure that the fork continues to be mineable and secure in about 8 years time without relying on fees to secure it (which I think you agree is a bad idea).”
-190: “I don't think the proposed reward curve is bad by any means. I do think it is bad to change the overall intent of a coin's structure and being close to bitcoins reward curve was a bit part of the intent of this coin. It was launched in response to the observation that bytecoin was 80% mined in less than two years (too fast) and also that it was ninja premined, with a stated goal that the new coin have a reward curve close to bitcoin.
At this point I'm pretty much willing to throw in the towel on this launch:
  1. No GUI
  2. No web site
  3. Botched reward curve (at least botched relative to stated intent)
  4. No pool (and people who are enthusiastically trying to mine having trouble getting any blocks; some of them have probably given up and moved on).
  5. No effective team behind it at launch
  6. No Mac binaries (I don't think this is all that big a deal, but its another nail)
I thought this could be fixed but with all the confusion and lack of clear direction or any consistent vision, now I'm not so sure.
I also believe that merged mining is basically a disaster for this coin, and is probably being quietly promoted by the ninjas holding 80% of bytecoin, because they know it keeps their coin from being left behind, and by virtue of first mover advantage, probably relegates any successors to effective irrelevance (like namecoin, etc.).
We can do better. It's probably time to just do better.”
[smooth is disappointed]
-191: “The website does exist now, it's just not particularly informative yet. :) But, I agree that thankful_for_today has severely mislead everyone by stating the emission was "close to Bitcoin's" (if he's denying that /2 rather than /4 emission schedule was unintentional, as he seems to be). I'm also against BCN merge mining. It works against the goal of overtaking BCN and if that's not a goal, I don't know what we're even doing here. I'll dedicate my meagre mining to voting against that.
That said, you yourself have previously outlined why relaunches and further clones fail. I'd rather stick with this one and fix it.”
[eizh tries to keep smooth on board]
-196: “BCN is still growing as well. It is up to 1.2 million now. If merged mining happens, (almost) everyone will just mine both. The difficulty on this coin will jump up to match BCN (in fact both will likely go higher since the hash rate will be combined) and again it is an instamine situation. (Those here the first week get the benefit of easy non-merged mining, everyone else does not.) Comments were made on this thread about this not being yet another pump-and-dump alt. I think that could have been the case, but sadly, I don't really believe that it is.”
-198: “There's no point in fragmenting talent. If you don't think merge mining is a good idea, I'd prefer we just not add it to the code.
Bitcoin had no web site or GUI either initially. Bitcoin-QT was the third Bitcoin client.
If people want a pool, they can make one. There's no point in centralizing the network when it's just began, though. Surely you must feel this way.”
[tacotime also wants smooth on board]
-201: “My personal opinion is that I will abandon the fork if merge mining is added. And then we can discuss a new fork. Until then I don't think Monero will be taken over by another fork.”
[tacotime opens the season: if merged mining is implemented, he will leave the ship]
-203: “Ditto on this. If the intention wasn't to provide a clearweb launched alternative to BCN, then I don't see a reason for this fork to exist. BCN is competition and miners should make a choice.”
[eizh supports tacotime]
-204: “+1 Even at the expense of how much I already "invested" in this coin.”
[NoodleDoodle is also against merged mining]
This is basically everything worth reading in this thread. This thread was created in the wrong category, and its short life of about 2 days was pretty interesting. Merged mining was rejected and it ended up with the inactivity of TFT for +7 days and the creation of a new github repo the 30th of April. It is only 12 days since launch and a decentralized team is being built.
Basically the community had forked (but not the chain) and it was evolving and moving forward to its still unclear future.
These are the main takeaways of this thread:
  • The legitimacy of the "leaders" of the community is proven when they proposed and supported the idea of halving the balances for the greater good to solve the emission curve issue without any possible instamine accusation. Also their long-term goals and values rejecting merged-mining with a "primined scam"
  • It is decided that, as for now, it is “too late” to change the emission curve, and finally monero will mint 50% of its coin in ~1.3 years (bitcoin did it after 3.66 years) and 86% of its coins in 4 years (bitcoin does it in ~11 years) (was also voted here) (see also this chart)
  • It is decided that a “minimum subsidy” or “tail emission” to incentivize miners “forever” and avoid scaling fees will be added (it will be finally added to the code march 2015)
  • Merged mining is plainly rejected by the future “core team” and soon rejected by "everyone". This will trigger TFT inactivity.
  • The future “core team” is somehow being formed in a decentralized way: tacotime, eizh, NoodleDoodle, smooth and many others
And the most important. All this (and what is coming soon) is a proof of the decentralization of Monero. Probably comparable to Bitcoin first days. This is not a company building a for-profit project (even if on the paper it is not for-profit), this a group of disconnected individuals sharing a goal and working together to reach it.
Soon will be following a final part where i'll collect the bitcointalk logs in the current official announcement threads. There you'll be able to follow the decentralized first steps of develoment (open source pool, miner optimizations and exchanges, all surrounded by fud trolls, lots of excitmen and a rapidly growing collaborative community.
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Draft of CGB Website's new text - Your Input Requested!


Greetings everyone. I am posting a draft of some of the sections of the new website. They are a work in progress and any input on this content or anything else you would like to see on the new site is appreciated! The website will be focusing on educating investors of all ability so that they can understand the crypto-currency markets and make wise decisions within them. Without this understanding, our markets will not be able to efficiently, and with confidence, allocate capital to the true pillars of this new economy.
Note: Most of my updates can be seen directly here. I expect to have this completed by the weekend so that we can hopefully have the new site up and running. Even once up, there will be lots of work to do to really perfect it.

Site Navigation:

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  • (logo)
  • Released in late June 2013, Cryptogenic Bullion was designed primarily with wealth preservation in mind. With its accelerated mining period, and fast declining inflation, Cryptogenic Bullion is now entering it’s final stage as an interest bearing, low inflation, cryptographic digital asset.
  • Wallet download selection
  • Quick Information section
  • What is Cryptogenic Bullion? - Cryptogenic Bullion is a peer-to-peer internet currency that enables instant payments to anyone in the world. Its fundamental specifications enable it to efficiently function as a store of wealth.
  • Energy and Cost Efficient - Our network requires far less energy than generating hardware-intensive proof-of-work hashes. Proof-of-stake also does away with the ~$1 billion “tax” on the Bitcoin network through proof-of-work blocks.
  • Higher Security - Maintaining the network through the hybrid proof-of-work/proof-of-stake algorithm reduces the risk of the Selfish-Miner Flaw, 51% attacks, Kimoto Gravity Attack and the block bloating that have been used to exploit other currencies.
  • Coin Specifications - Cryptogenic Bullion is based on a hybrid Proof of Stake / Proof of Work scrypt algorithm. It has a block interval of 60 seconds and retargets difficulty every 2 blocks. A reward of 1.5% interest is earned by those who maintain a savings of CGB, while 0.5% interest is earned by miners who also help to secure the network.
  • A Digital Asset - Cryptogenic Bullion is a digital asset with all of the properties of money. Like gold, it is portable, divisible, fungible, scarce, low inflation, durable, non-consumable, and a store of wealth. It can be stored in a private safe and yet transferred across the globe in minutes.
  • Get Involved - Our community is focused on empowering its members with the knowledge and resources required to quickly spread the benefits of Cryptogenic Bullion to new participants.
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    $___ USD/CGB Price $500,000 Market Cap B_____CGB/BTC Price 950,000 CGB Total Supply Last updated: X seconds ago


About CGB:
Cryptogenic Bullion is a digital asset with all of the qualities of money. It is a descendant of Bitcoin, but employs an advanced security model which is more efficient and more secure than Bitcoin. The problems of today's debt based fiat currencies find solutions in cutting-edge decentralized cryptographic currencies like Cryptogenic Bullion. Designed to function as a store of wealth, CGB's fundamentals emulate the properties and supply of gold.
While Cryptogenic Bullion shares many traits with Bitcoin such as fast global payments, decentralization, pseudo-anonymity, and non-reversible transactions, there are many improvements which allow CGB to more reliably store wealth. A critical requirement for storing wealth is a low inflation rate. Cryptogenic Bullion is a very rare exception in that it has nearly completed its volatile inflationary stage and settled into its maximum yearly inflation rate of 2%. It also allows prudent savers of Cryptogenic Bullion to earn up to 1.5% interest on funds left unspent in their wallets for at least 30 days.
Crypto-currencies are finding support among a massive and diverse range of participants. For newcomers, a visit to one of the following pages would be beneficial depending on your current level of understanding and intention. Cryptogenic Bullion emulate the properties of gold, a classic safe-haven asset, and also represents a part of the movement towards a more fair and honest system of money. For more details on why and how, see the Fundamental Knowledge section. To quickly learn more about the crypto-markets, see the Investor Brief section. For analysing market dynamics, see the Market Fundamentals section.
  • Proof of Work/Proof of Stake Hybrid
  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Linear difficulty retarget (every 2 blocks)
  • 5 Confirmations
  • 60 Second block time
  • 1.5% Annual interest earned
  • Subsidy halving after every 50k blocks until reward of 0.01
  • Target ~1,000,000 CGB
  • 0.5% PoW & 1.5% PoS inflation
  • Based on Peercoin & Novacoin
Fundamental Knowledge:
In order to understand the need for cryptographic currencies like Bitcoin and Cryptogenic Bullion, we must consider a number of fundamental challenges with our current financial system, and the solutions that cryptographic currencies provide. The world's currencies are referred to as debt-based fiat currencies because they are not backed by a physical asset like gold, and can burden up to 30 participants with debt for each actual dollar in reserve, creating the potential for bank runs. It helps to realize that when a credit card is used to purchase something, dollars are created , and when you pay it off, dollars are destroyed. This scheme is referred to as fractional reserve banking and can not happen in a digital currency system without the owner's knowledge because the supply is strictly controlled by a decentralized protocol.
We are beginning, as a society, to understand the dangers and inefficiencies found in centralized systems as corruptions and self destructive processes manifest themselves with no true remedy. As our society looks for answers, they are being found in technological advances which allow us to connect with each other in more meaningful ways which do not require a third party. Cryptographic currencies provide the convenience of cash, with neither the excessive centralized printing, nor the potential for censorship or sanctions which block the transmission of funds. A new economy is forming with various crypto-currencies attempting to fill different roles within the ecosystem. It is imperative that we capitalize these technologies through careful investment to allow for the necessary development which will enable them to be a major part of modern society. To quickly learn more about the crypto-markets, see the Investor Brief section.
Trust in crypto-currencies must begin with a basic understanding of how the system functions and how to use it. Technology has existed for decades now which allow us to verify that a message was signed by an individual. This authentication technology is now used to prove that the holder of a private wallet has sent funds form that wallet to another. Keeping this key secret is the responsibility of each participant and this responsibility is the price for the freedom enabled by cryptographic currencies. Every transaction that has ever occurred is recorded in a distributed ledger which proves the current balance of all wallets in order to validate further transactions. Blocks created every 60 seconds containing all of the new transactions are added to the top of the block chain and further serve to set all previous blocks in "cryptographic" stone. For more details on how CGB's decentralized protocols provide trusted security and honest money, see the Papers and Articles section.
In order to get a glimpse of what the future cryptographic currency ecosystem could look like we must accept that there are many different roles to fill, and it is difficult for one currency to efficiently fill all roles. A store of wealth, like Cryptogenic Bullion (CGB), must have a low inflation rate to preserve capital and reduce volatility. Stability can also be encouraged if the bearer is allowed to earn interest on savings stored unspent for a specified length of time. A currency, like Dogecoin (DOGE), must have a higher inflation rate to slightly exceed the adoption rate. This provides liquidity and encourages spending which furthers the expansion of the participant base. A market gateway, like Bitcoin (BTC), must also have a higher inflation rate to match adoption so that liquidity is maintained which enhances the access to each of its markets. The market gateway also insulates the cryptographic currencies and stores of wealth from the market fluctuations caused by volatile shifts in demand for fiat currencies vs. crypto-currencies as a whole. For more information on these dynamics, see the Market Fundamentals section.
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  • Wallet Software
  • (more?)
Continued in this comment (directly below).
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MAD Doge - Market Analysis 2/5/2014 (Evening Edition) Charity and Tithing

Well, it's been a few days, so let's get the market stuff done quick!

We've got a bear market (Much ROAR)

Follow the Triangle Chart Pattern info only if you understand the analysis (Explanation)

As far as the pools are going, is still down due to a NTP DDOS attack, here's a link describing it Cloudflare Blog


With the recent DDOS, I'd recommend staying away from the larger pools since they might be instigating the DDOS, P2Pool is a great alternative, but the decision is ultimately up to you.


I'll test with a single graphics card to see if the "cheating" works.

Meat and Potatoes (Such Dinner)

TLDR: GIVE BRO (TLDR for our female audience, if any: Please give to the DogeCoin Foundation Charities, it changes lives daily!)

Definition from the Merriam Dogester Dictionary:

If you're a bit keyboard-shy, why don't you let me know if you would come to a party themed after this one: End of the World Celebration, we can easily get 50% of the stuff shown in the video, but would need to crowd-fund it to pay for the rest as well as find the "200" people necessary to throw it.
Admittedly, it would be a dry party since we can get extra money from the nearby University as an "alternative" event.
Any thoughts?
As always, SHIBE ON!
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MAD Doge - Market Analysis 2/27/2014 (Limited Time edition) 40 minutes of laptop battery...let's go!

Okay, I'm on my laptop and I only have 40, make that 39 minutes of battery life. Realistically, I'm looking at 29 minutes before my computer shuts down. Let's do this.


A senator has called for the banning of BitCoin - don't worry, this usually happens when something bad turns up. All that he's doing is playing into the anger some people have for losing their money. He's just hoping to pass regulation that he can get his name on that he can add a few small sections of his own. Sneaky Cat
Mt. GOX is being probed by both Japanese and US regulators, I believe this is likely due to the fact that MT GOX was shut down earlier and allowed to be opened by the US Government, essentially approving of their services Such Endorsement. It looks bad for the regulators that approved it and their trying to cover their bases in hopes the blame can be shifted towards MT GOX alone.
If you haven't glanced at the price of DOGE today, it's rising and it looks like we're getting a steady boost. The price of DOGE vs the US Dollar rose 20% over the past 24 hours according to Doge4us and it looks like we're going to stay consistently above $1 / 1kDOGE.
Additionally, we're seeing a boost in mining which shows that confidence has returned to the DOGE mining community and we should see some decent boosts over the next few hours.
If you search DogeCoin or BitCoin on the web, you'll notice a lot of news outlets getting in on month-old news. We already knew a guy was selling his house for DOGE long ago and many other stories were re-run. Although funny to point out, publicity is still publicity, so keep it going!

Last bit...

  1. If you have a link to a business online that sells stuff for DOGE, please post it below!
  2. Okay, let's do something special, for any comments, tip me and I'll double it and give it to the most popular DOGE accepting charity (through the DogeCoin Foundation - With Picture Proof on the next post) It's time to give back, it's time to Shibe hard or go home. You don't even have to donate, at least post a comment of which charity you want to see supported. :)
  3. Please note that I will double within reason, I'll cap it, but I won't let you know the cap, because I tend to break my own rules. It's charity after all :)
No battery life left! I'll fix any typos tomorrow!
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[Rant-ish]My take on the state of the Coin, Community, and Concerns

First things first, as I have said many time in comments on other posts: I love you guys. I love your optimism, zeal, and loyalty...There are some things that I think need to be mentioned, though...So here is my rant, opinion, and hope for the future...Not all negative, but in my opinion (for lack of a better word) realistic...
Trolls & FUD vs skepticism and concern:
I completely understand that this sub gets slammed with more than it's share of negativity from places outside the community, but no one (who matters) wishes any harm towards DOGE or shibes. I say this because, more and more, it seems that people here have adopted the stance that there is some big conspiracy in the crypto world against DOGE, and that people will somehow profit from it's demise...This has quickly lead to an habit of immediate dismissal of any negative criticism or bearish advice. In many ways, the comments and posts of this nature, (well, the ones that are not over-the-top insulting) are coming from people much more investment savvy who are generally concerned that inexperienced people are going to lose large sums of money based on assumptions that the price will recover as long as they keep buying...I can not predict the future, but I CAN tell you that unless big players start throwing tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars back into DOGE, it is simply NOT going to recover...With a 20 million dollar market cap (total value of all existing DOGE a current value for the amateurs), even if you invest $10,000 you are barely going to make a dent in the grand scheme of things.
Zeal vs Blind faith:
Again, much of what makes this community strong is it's large and loyal fan base. That said, the nature of things changed a bit back in FEB when the price skyrocketed. A great many new people were brought into the world of crypto, spent more than they should have hoping to get rich quick, and are either still holding coins that they bought for 5-10x the current value, or jumped ship somewhere since. If you LOOK at the charts since the launch of the coin, things do not look good from an investment perspective, yet the community on the whole refuses to acknowledge this is more than a 'temporary slide' despite the fact that this slide has continued for most of the coin's existence. The point is, there is a line between optimism and blind faith which is very blurry here...
What I mean to say, is that many here advocate the continued buying of DOGE on the completely unfounded belief that the price HAS TO RISE eventually, while there is absolutely zero guarantee of that ever happening..
Skepticism vs Hypocrisy:
Another negative thing I have seen more and more in this sub, is blatant double talk...There are many people here who claim that it is 'not about investment, but about the fun' or that it is 'not about making money, but rather supporting the community. I am afraid I have to call bullshit here...The people buying a million DOGE at a time are NOT buying it so that they can tip people 1000 doge at a time, they are buying it because they hope/expect that the value will increase...Just like the people that are loudly pushing everyone to keep buying are NOT concerned with keeping the community alive, but rather keeping the price up or driving an increase.
Let's at least be honest here. If you have a large amount of DOGE, you are most certainly concerned with the price so please don't make repeated posts about how it 'price does not matter' and following it with 'just keep buying!' Conversely, if you don't have much coin, stop making posts worrying about the price...
Additionally, the people making comments such as 'but if the value is low, we can not afford to do as much good for the world as we could with a higher price'. This is also completely disingenuous, as it is a thinly veiled way to hide the fact that you are interested in making money yourself...If you want to make charitable contributions, you can always make them regardless of DOGE's value using fiat...I greatly admired this community's heart and generosity when it was younger, but now all of these charity drives wreak of soulless attempts to gain publicity...
Cold Hard Fact vs Reality:
(The following will likely be construed as FUD, but is not intended to be.)
For a group that claims to hate anything related to charts and numbers, everyone pays attention to the price...Few seem to acknowledge the fact that the huge spike in volume and price that happened back in February was caused by a massive 'pump and dump' (an over used term, which I am not a fan of...It is however the only applicable name), in fact it was one of the most successful of it's kind. The reason is, there was a perfect storm of big money players, and media frenzy. A HUGE percentage of this sub's members joined at the time, and the ease of entering the world of crypto via DOGE and the helpful members of the community allowed even more money to flow into the market...Much of this money came from inexperienced investors, looking to strike it rich, as well as money from the people hoping to make up for missing out on bitcoin's giant bubble...Then the big money sold out, leaving a steady downtrend since mid February...Doge is 8 months old, and for 6 of those 8 months...3/4, of 75% of it's life it has been on the down-slope...Unfortunately, based on any objective analysis of the markets I can't see a promising future as far as $$$ value...
There is talk about the price increasing with the next havlening...I don't need to say much here, because we all know it did not matter the last time...This is a KNOWN variable in terms of effects on supply and it's timing and will be factored into the market price long before it actually happens...Investors are not going to suddenly notice one day that there are fewer coins for sale and increase their buying, the know already and are holding against that date, hoping to cash out a couple percentage points up from where they bought in while a slight adjustment happens.
Another hard truth is that a vast majority of people in this sub and elsewhere (where these community rating metrics are based on) hold a (sorry to say it) minuscule amount of actual coins...The sub might be nearing 90,000 subscribers, but a vast majority of those members CPU mine, started GPU mining after it lost its profitability, or acquired coins through other means but hold less than $20 worth and I would venture to guess that more than 50% hold even less than that...This is why these numbers really don't stack up against pure value and volume in the real world...
Being optimistic and care-free is great, but I see far to much anti-FUD here which is dangerous...The community has a responsibility to it's new members and not spread so much potentially false hope...If I relied solely on reddit for my investing advice, I would be putting 90% of my paycheck into DOGE and planning my early retirement...There are many inexperienced, gullible people on reddit who are just looking for a push to make costly mistakes with more money than they can afford to lose...
The Bright Side, the Future, and a Personal Appeal:
This community IS active, IS friendly, and IS a great place to visit...I still get a chuckle out of the MEMEs, the stories, and the jokes...While I am a member of half a dozen other crypto subs including BitcoinSerious and BitcoinMarkets, I would never dream of removing Dogecoin from my front page...
That said, this sub in it's infancy, was not concerned at all with value, because it initially was not seen as having value in terms of dollars, but instead held value as an internet based social movement. Much of the community sold it's soul for publicity, and shifted from true charity to shameless advertising and self-promotion.
Long-term the odds are still greatly stacked against DOGE, please tone down the insistence that an increase in value is a sure thing when there is a much higher than zero chance it never will.
Shooting for the moon is still an admirable goal, and who know, it might still be possible, but PLEASE don't put all of your money and hope into such a long shot. Everyone loves and under-doge, but the community has a responsibility to let impressionable newcomers know how long those odds are...
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A game plan for $PINK & Human Civilization "Operation: Culture Bomb"

Dear Planet Pinkcoin,
Greetings my fellow Pink Knights of the round table! I will begin with saying that, as deceiving as it may seem beneath my raging Pink Chest Plate and Chain Mail, I am a total nerd. So much of a Nerd am I that in fact I have conquered the World many times over..... by playing Sid Meier's Civilization; lol I rock I know. What in the Hell does Pinkcoin have to do with this particular PC game you ask? Only EVERYTHING! Badass Civilization experts, such as my humble self, are mutual know-it-alls of Battle Strategy for starters, the dynamics of a healthy economy, the digestion of Innovation VS Time and Production. The world begins to look a lot differently after you take the red pill, and if i may elaborate further here is just my Professionally Analyzed take of the entire Crypto-chess board digested in "Civilization" terms. If you are unfamiliar with Civilization you begin the game by selecting a Nation/Culture and begin your journey to dominate the world either it by Technology, Wealth, Culture, or Military Might. If each Crypto- Coin were to adopt a Civilization to represent them I would say that the values reflected by Pinkcoin are those of the Indian Civilization with Gandhi (Pinkcoin Devs) as Leaders of our Citizenry Government. Indians begin Civilization with Technology Perks which I believe coincides perfectly with our reputation in the rapid progress of Pink's developments, as compared to other Nations (other Crypto-Coins). As Civilization progresses the Indians then receive a drastic population boost, which I believe we have also enjoyed and entertained recently on our way to conquer the known Crypto-world. Which leads us, our great Pink Nation, into receiving our Third Perk, advancing into the "Middle Ages" with an epic Culture Boost. Beings that we are currently ahead of the game in Technology, threats from other Nations overtaking us by innovation and progress is minimal at the moment, however it is important to note that in Civilization if you fall behind in Technology you will fall behind in the game quickly, so I would definitely recommend the Devs hold strong onto the undying swagger they've been accomplishing lately. Therefore, In order to take full advantage of our Third Perk (a drastic enhancement of our culture) we must allocate some of our resources and wittiness towards expanding our nations borders, and inspiring other Nations' subjects by setting unignorable awesome new $PINK trends. WE, The Pinkcoin Citizenry must take the reigns of the Middle Ages until we advance in our journey to the Renaissance Period aka (roughly $1million Market Cap). What in the Fck is the importance of inspiring Culture you say? Well it's only the most effective strategy in dominating Civilization so hard that angels cry :( With every opponent we win over to join Pink we are taking a foot-solider from the ranks of our imminent mortal enemies, allowing us to grow exponentially out many new branches of love, peacefully and honorably. Judging by the atmosphere of the Crypto-Globe at the moment, Germany (Blackcoin), Spain (Dogecoin) and the Ottomans (Litecoin) are the weakest nations for the taking. For instance our color brothers, Germany (Blackcoin), and our Explorative cultured Cousins Spain (Dogecoin) both began Civilization with a unique Technology Advantage, received a Culture Bonus in the Classical Age, and a Production perk in the Middle Ages, however they have unwisely focused too much of their production on population growth without first possessing a stable enough culture to support it. Germany's culture is especially weak right now with many of her Citizens seeking a more homely home for their investments, and better charts to look at. Because Germany (Blackcoin) is likely to improve her Culture and Technology as time moves along I would highly recommend we take full advantage of the situation. We Pink Knights would be wise to tag Germany (Blackcoin) in with our awesome memes, poetry, and Pinkcoin Jingles to encourage her weary citizens to jump into our boat by the droves. As for Spain (Dogecoin), she holds out hope for another come-back which may come to pass in the near future depending on her position following (Dogecoin)Spain's ongoing conflicts with the Ottoman hoard (Litecoin). Many Spaniards are weary of the Ottaman's military prowess with their doge killing AuxPow, and are seeking a safer new cultured & charitable community. We Pink Knights would be wise to also tag Dogecoin in with our great works of Art we display on Twitter, Facebook & Reddit to convert them into the Pink Way of Life, which should be easy considering that the shibe way is not so much different than the Pink way to live happily, peace-minded and secured. Finally, we must focus ourselves on the wounded Ottoman(Litecoin) Empire, a sleeping giant. Her Armies and Cannon Vollies may be massive but her people are hurting, suffering from famine, and lacking in faith. The Ottoman's have also dipped into a Depression recently and her subjects are growing skeptical that their leaders will ever pull through out of a constant rainy season. Many within the Ottoman(Litecoin) Hoard are desperately seeking a solid way out, and a safe passage to a more fun and free lifestyle. Lets face it, they want Pinkcoin, and they want her hard. Let us show their withering and strained armies how much more fun we can be and initiate a grand exodus of new Pink Knights into our ranks out of the stumbling war hungry Ottoman(Litecoin) nation. By coordinating our Culture Bomb on these 3 competitors, and Awe their primitive practices with our Pink Halos and Steel, welcoming with open arms just 1% of each of their populations into our Pink borders, we would stand to reach a $1.76million MarketCap and progress into the Renaissance Era; perhaps with the strength then after to Challenge the might of the Roman(Bitcoin) legions! But lets not get ahead of ourselves with the dreaded Romans quite yet. To put money where my mouth is I will be giving random rewards out to those fellow Pink Knights who aid me towards these ends, that Operation "Culture Bomb" be hereby instituted with 3 Objectives: 1.) Use a barrage of clever Memes, Pinkcoin Music/Tunes, Cinema & Poetry tagged into Blackcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin's Twitter feeds. 2.) Absorb 1% of the market caps of Blackcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. 3.) Accomplish tasks 1 & 2 before the Development team releases another new major technology. 4.) And by Golly if we all coordinate this right on target Pinkcoin will become every drooling Crypto-Coin's steamy hot fantasy babe next door, entertaining over a $1million market cap right when Pink Poker blows everything out of the water! We rise to glory together my friends, let us launch the most epic bandwagon campaign the world has ever beholden! As Pink Citizens with a common goal and crypto- heritage, by collaborating with our amazing Developers' coming technologies, we will essentially be dishing out a Mike Tyson 1,2 Knockout Uppercut to the Crypto-Globe's Face! My War Paint is ON! God Bless OPERATION: "CULTURE BOMB"!
 Eternal Blessings, Spock [email protected] 
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Which coins compete against each other? Is it ultimately a battle that will result in 1, 2 or 3 coins?

So, the way I look at it, there is not room for 20, 30, or 40 cryptocurrencies. It doesn't make sense that people would have that many wallets any more than it would make sense to have that many fiat currencies in your wallet. You'd have to go to a currency exchange every time unless you knew a specific place that accepted your preferred currency, whether it's /dogecoin or /worldcoin or /BBQcoin (i picked these at random from the sidebar, btw).
There seem to be several different groups that exist (while some of these are overlapping): improvements on bitcoin, improvements on litecoin, clones of either one, proof of stake vs proof of work, pre-mined, easily mined, etc. (by the way, it would be great if there were a chart denoting the differences). Some of these have real benefits, some are quirky, some have been successful, some haven't. There are debates going on and people involved with each one anxiously promote it in its respective subreddit, suggesting ideas to help with its public relations and adoption.
So, while it's great to have these coins with innovative features, each one arguably valuable in its own right for those features, some of them have to come out on top, right? It seems that lately, there is this idea that every coin should be nice to one another, but it's really passive aggressive. Some people hate on /dogecoin in their own subs, labeling it just a /litcoin with more coins available while /bitcoin is describe as elitist and not respecting /altcoins. Maybe all of this is justified if only a couple coins can remain.
And which will those be? It /bitcoin just serving as the stepping stone for everything else, OR will it be the imperfect coin that lasts because it was there first (IMO - it would severely hurt other cryptos, especially those not tradeable for fiat currency if it died, so I think we are stuck with it)? Likewise with /litecoin and /dogecoin. Will these 3 rule because they became media favorites so quickly? Or will a coin with something different like /peercoin win out with its proof of stake? Or a coin designed with a specific activity in mind, like /Devcoin the ethical cryptocurrency?
As my opinion here implies, I think it is a competition. I think /bitcoin needs to be around and rejecting it is a mistake for the community. I think /litecoin passed the tipping point in terms of price and /dogecoin hit the tipping point in terms of wide adoption. While I don't have any in-depth quantitative analysis, I think that will keep those 3 alive for the time being. I think there is only room for many 1 or possibly 2 other coins to make a name for themselves. Most other coins will fail. Pump and dump obviously hurts the community. /coinye was particularly bad and attempts to make joke coins like that make me sad because I read so many promotional posts. I feel bad saying it, but /franko and /worldcoin seem too similar while /primecoin and/megacoin and /feathercoin are just names people read in the sidebar and won't ever deal with, despite the enthusiasm of the people who do trade/mine it.
That brings me to my final point, people who mine each of these coins have a huge stake in advocating for their specific coin. I'm glad people saw potential and uniqueness, but most of you will lose out and your mining rigs are giving you coins that won't be worth anything soon.
Thanks for reading! I hope to hear real opinions!
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/r/furry Drilldown October 2014

/furry Drilldown

Subreddit Similarity
/yiff 0.32189
/FurryArtSchool 0.31911
/fursuit 0.22542
/anthro 0.17966
/furryjerk 0.17888
/r4rFurry 0.17614
/fursona 0.16996
/gfur 0.16135
/FurryWallpapers 0.13813
/furry_catwalk 0.12885
/yiffcomics 0.12802
/scaley 0.12531
/foxes 0.11598
/Furry_Wordsmith 0.10999
/fursuitsex 0.10089
/lapfoxtrax 0.0946
/Footpaws 0.0946
/mylittlepony 0.0939
/Twokinds 0.0856
/BadDragon 0.08444
/FurryKikPals 0.07487
/gaymers 0.06753
/MLPLounge 0.06235
/ClopClop 0.0602
/lgbt 0.05968
/transformation 0.05084
/ainbow 0.04786
/Minecraft 0.0442
/dragons 0.04259
/pokemon 0.04234
/tf2 0.04191
/Vore 0.03857
/skyrim 0.03573
/MLPdrawingschool 0.03462
/mylittleandysonic1 0.03355
/TumblrInAction 0.03193
/PokePorn 0.03113
/techsupportgore 0.03089
/starbound 0.03088
/gaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy 0.0306
/ABDL 0.03053
Of 1852 Users Found:
Subreddit Overlapping users
/yiff 470
/pokemon 337
/Minecraft 330
/mylittlepony 303
/Games 270
/cringepics 263
/FurryArtSchool 234
/pcmasterrace 233
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/foxes 212
/4chan 199
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/leagueoflegends 192
/trees 188
/woahdude 188
/lgbt 183
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/buildapc 165
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/buildapcforme 30
/dragons 30
/ShouldIbuythisgame 30
/steampunk 30
/asmr 30
/holdmybeer 30
/spiders 30
/subaru 29
/Yogscast 29
/disney 29
/southpark 29
/humor 29
/FloridaMan 29
/Glitch_in_the_Matrix 29
/gif 29
/ABDL 29
/ICanDrawThat 29
/gravityfalls 29
/mylittleandysonic1 29
/Gore 29
/elderscrollsonline 29
/gamecollecting 29
/urbanexploration 28
/comicbooks 28
/blunderyears 28
/hardware 28
/xboxone 28
/NetflixBestOf 28
/watchpeopledie 28
/shittykickstarters 28
/nsfw 28
/spaceporn 28
/dogs 28
/transgender 28
/iphone 28
/nfl 28
/counting 28
/Bioshock 28
/redditrequest 27
/TsundereSharks 27
/minimalism 27
/asoiaf 27
/LearnUselessTalents 27
/MilitaryPorn 27
/glitch_art 27
/fifthworldproblems 27
/Footpaws 27
/amiugly 27
/ads 27
/relationship_advice 27
/memes 27
/answers 26
/OkCupid 26
/aviation 26
/Guitar 26
/Furry_Wordsmith 26
/arma 26
/Vore 26
/jailbreak 26
/Military 26
/IdiotsFightingThings 26
/ftlgame 26
/unitedkingdom 26
/ShingekiNoKyojin 26
/hockey 26
/HalfLife 26
/RATS 26
/polyamory 26
/ladybonersgw 26
/vita 26
/photography 26
/im14andthisisdeep 26
/BDSMcommunity 26
/ACTrade 26
/PenmanshipPorn 25
/Tulpas 25
/Diablo 25
/spaceengineers 25
/ProRevenge 25
/Gaming4Gamers 25
/thingsforants 25
/WastedGifs 25
/introvert 25
/wikipedia 25
/TrueAtheism 25
/pathofexile 25
/FeralPokePorn 25
/WeAreTheMusicMakers 25
/letsplay 25
/progresspics 25
/Battlefield 25
/neopets 25
/legaladvice 24
/blender 24
/dogemarket 24
/linux_gaming 24
/everymanshouldknow 24
/r4r 24
/Marvel 24
/animation 24
/Conservative 24
/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon 24
/zombies 24
/WhatsInThisThing 24
/calvinandhobbes 24
/FinalFantasy 24
/Sharktits 24
/NotTimAndEric 24
/Otters 24
/CGPGrey 24
/actuallesbians 23
/CityPorn 23
/feminineboys 23
/EDC 23
/headphones 23
/WouldYouRather 23
/GunPorn 23
/ImaginaryCharacters 23
/horror 23
/speedrun 23
/OSHA 23
/gmod 23
/hookah 23
/Warhammer40k 23
/regularshow 23
/SFM 23
/fullmoviesonyoutube 23
/Advice 23
/ContagiousLaughter 23
/furryrp 23
/HighQualityGifs 23
/ploungeafterdark 23
/standupshots 23
/Rabbits 23
/Pathfinder_RPG 23
/newreddits 22
/Seattle 22
/pokemonzetaomicron 22
/ExpectationVsReality 22
/LeagueOfMemes 22
/netsec 22
/CookieClicker 22
/terriblefacebookmemes 22
/Warhammer 22
/ImaginaryLandscapes 22
/AnimalsBeingBros 22
/Pokemongiveaway 22
/ANormalDayInRussia 22
/digimon 22
/metalgearsolid 22
/Aquariums 22
/playrust 22
/BuyItForLife 22
/atheismrebooted 22
/baseball 22
/SRSsucks 22
/ShitRedditSays 22
/google 21
/Ubuntu 21
/web_design 21
/windowsphone 21
/furfinder 21
/husky 21
/webdev 21
/ofcoursethatsathing 21
/edmproduction 21
/CatsStandingUp 21
/tall 21
/shittyadvice 21
/crossdressing 21
/ThriftStoreHauls 21
/archeage 21
/Anxiety 21
/happy 21
/LetsNotMeet 21
/oblivion 21
/WebGames 21
/MonsterHunter 21
/MyLittleSupportGroup 21
/rpg_gamers 21
/worldpolitics 21
/bindingofisaac 21
/bigdickproblems 21
/Assistance 21
/AdoptMyVillager 21
/Random_Acts_Of_Pizza 21
/hiphopheads 21
/australia 20
/iiiiiiitttttttttttt 20
/learnart 20
/RandomKindness 20
/TF2fashionadvice 20
/truetf2 20
/youdontsurf 20
/findareddit 20
/PixelArt 20
/wicked_edge 20
/hardcoreaww 20
/Fantasy 20
/arduino 20
/trypophobia 20
/alternativeart 20
/halloween 20
/nba 20
/GTA 20
/Coffee 20
/snackexchange 20
/chemicalreactiongifs 20
/ifyoulikeblank 20
/AndroidGaming 20
/Paranormal 20
/NSFWFunny 20
/bannedfromclubpenguin 20
/LongDistance 20
/pittsburgh 20
/Borderlands2 20
/somethingimade 19
/vexillology 19
/AlienBlue 19
/engineering 19
/dogpictures 19
/Punny 19
/spiderbro 19
/xbox360 19
/CasualConversation 19
/socialskills 19
/psychology 19
/environment 19
/Homebrewing 19
/Dreams 19
/soccer 19
/IDAP 19
/swtor 19
/HIFW 19
/gamingsuggestions 19
/lookatmydog 19
/picrequests 19
/Autos 19
/dogemining 19
/audiophile 19
/redpandas 19
/ProtectAndServe 19
/MachinePorn 19
/hardwareswap 19
/omegle 19
/fatpeoplehate 19
/SimCity 19
/beards 19
/tea 18
/yiffgif 18
/RoomPorn 18
/buildapcsales 18
/shittyama 18
/AndroidQuestions 18
/chiptunes 18
/TeenFur 18
/Naruto 18
/whitepeoplegifs 18
/math 18
/business 18
/3Dprinting 18
/ArcherFX 18
/Perfectfit 18
/AnimalsBeingDerps 18
/cablefail 18
/tech 18
/socialism 18
/penis 18
/TheBluePill 18
/Roadcam 18
/yugioh 18
/TrueOtherkin 18
/2007scape 18
/DAE 18
/TheFacebookDelusion 18
/ragecomics 18
/netflix 18
/trashy 18
/TalesFromYourServer 18
/bdsm 18
/drunk 18
/ShinyPokemon 18
/Whatisthis 18
/askgaybros 18
/mlpmature 18
/windows 18
/HorriblyDepressing 18
/incest 17
/howtonotgiveafuck 17
/reptiles 17
/bitchimabus 17
/manga 17
/OnePiece 17
/nameaserver 17
/AntiJokes 17
/counterstrike 17
/noisygifs 17
/PublicFreakout 17
/HailCorporate 17
/gameswap 17
/aspergers 17
/Eyebleach 17
/weeabootales 17
/blackops2 17
/babyfurs 17
/nightvale 17
/occupywallstreet 17
/travel 17
/TalesFromThePizzaGuy 17
/shittyrobots 17
/FemBoys 17
/shortscarystories 17
/birdswitharms 17
/gaybears 17
/futanari 17
/JRPG 17
/Dinosaurs 17
/Nexus5 17
/lfg 17
/playitforward 17
/OneY 17
/awwnime 17
/FurryAMA 16
/pewdiepie 16
/dogecoinbeg 16
/gallifrey 16
/diablo3 16
/EatCheapAndHealthy 16
/Nerf 16
/assassinscreed 16
/classic4chan 16
/badhistory 16
/Astronomy 16
/forhire 16
/TheoryOfReddit 16
/traps 16
/ImaginaryTechnology 16
/httyd 16
/TwoBestFriendsPlay 16
/TiADiscussion 16
/circlebroke 16
/periwinkle 16
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/r/Frozen Drilldown October 2014

/Frozen Drilldown

Subreddit Similarity
/annamasterrace 0.44001
/Frozenfriends 0.43024
/elsamasterrace 0.42892
/Elsanna 0.27209
/FrozenFanfics 0.22502
/Tangled 0.21125
/QueenElsa 0.20172
/elselsa 0.19388
/FrozenRehab 0.18586
/FrozenFun 0.17995
/FrozenGames 0.17665
/stolenicemasterrace 0.17045
/FrozenShipWars 0.15553
/Tempestmasterrace 0.14848
/FrozenVirtualBand 0.14151
/r9kElsaProject 0.13983
/kristanna 0.13966
/TheFrozenEffect 0.13878
/WeseltonsGuard 0.13358
/hansmasterrace 0.12816
/disney 0.12415
/OnceUponATime 0.06208
/TheLastAirbender 0.06169
/mylittlepony 0.05146
/httyd 0.05113
/pokemon 0.0477
/doctorwho 0.04376
/twitchplayspokemon 0.04268
/harrypotter 0.04181
/adventuretime 0.03838
/Minecraft 0.03786
/gameofthrones 0.03489
/Disney_Infinity 0.03354
/reactiongifs 0.03309
/WaltDisneyWorld 0.03272
/whowouldwin 0.03206
Of 705 Users Found:
Subreddit Overlapping users
/Frozenfriends 174
/annamasterrace 164
/elsamasterrace 158
/disney 116
/pokemon 110
/Elsanna 108
/TheLastAirbender 97
/Minecraft 94
/cringepics 90
/pcmasterrace 89
/gameofthrones 82
/doctorwho 82
/reactiongifs 82
/Games 80
/leagueoflegends 79
/mylittlepony 66
/4chan 64
/Unexpected 60
/offmychest 60
/woahdude 60
/harrypotter 59
/anime 58
/skyrim 58
/ImGoingToHellForThis 56
/sex 54
/mildlyinfuriating 54
/tipofmytongue 52
/adventuretime 52
/TumblrInAction 52
/buildapc 52
/cringe 49
/SubredditDrama 48
/StarWars 47
/Tangled 46
/relationships 46
/casualiama 45
/twitchplayspokemon 45
/circlejerk 44
/thewalkingdead 44
/thatHappened 43
/wow 43
/FanTheories 43
/TrollXChromosomes 42
/DoesAnybodyElse 42
/Android 42
/tf2 42
/FrozenFanfics 41
/teenagers 41
/Steam 41
/cats 41
/comics 41
/facepalm 41
/oddlysatisfying 40
/trees 40
/QueenElsa 39
/GrandTheftAutoV 39
/breakingbad 38
/TalesFromRetail 38
/wheredidthesodago 38
/OutOfTheLoop 38
/writing 37
/gonewild 37
/talesfromtechsupport 37
/cosplay 37
/promos 36
/gentlemanboners 36
/AskWomen 36
/changemyview 36
/hearthstone 36
/geek 36
/firstworldanarchists 35
/zelda 35
/whowouldwin 35
/AskHistorians 35
/OnceUponATime 34
/dogecoin 34
/techsupport 34
/dadjokes 34
/smashbros 33
/soccer 33
/Christianity 33
/self 33
/civ 33
/startrek 32
/masseffect 32
/halo 32
/nintendo 32
/Fallout 32
/loseit 31
/FiftyFifty 31
/CrazyIdeas 31
/PS4 31
/Marvel 30
/elselsa 30
/AskMen 30
/rule34 30
/GlobalOffensive 30
/MakeupAddiction 30
/DotA2 29
/asoiaf 29
/wallpapers 29
/LadyBoners 29
/shittyaskscience 29
/MapPorn 29
/MorbidReality 29
/comicbooks 29
/depression 29
/nsfw 29
/whatisthisthing 28
/lego 28
/GameDeals 28
/batman 28
/nfl 28
/CrappyDesign 28
/apple 28
/pcgaming 28
/dayz 28
/Bioshock 27
/stolenicemasterrace 27
/firefly 27
/quityourbullshit 27
/rage 27
/Frugal 27
/FrozenRehab 27
/AnimalsBeingJerks 27
/3DS 26
/creepyPMs 26
/NoStupidQuestions 26
/KerbalSpaceProgram 26
/montageparodies 26
/community 26
/battlefield_4 26
/FrozenFun 26
/techsupportgore 26
/amiugly 25
/pettyrevenge 25
/confession 25
/secretsanta 25
/HistoryPorn 25
/DestinyTheGame 24
/magicTCG 24
/battlestations 24
/wiiu 24
/interestingasfuck 24
/Guildwars2 24
/MLPLounge 24
/FoodPorn 24
/nocontext 24
/gamegrumps 24
/theydidthemath 24
/lewronggeneration 24
/relationship_advice 23
/cars 23
/lgbt 23
/lifehacks 23
/roosterteeth 23
/outside 23
/FrozenGames 22
/shutupandtakemymoney 22
/truegaming 22
/learnprogramming 22
/starcraft 22
/TrueReddit 22
/assassinscreed 22
/hockey 22
/MensRights 22
/redditgetsdrawn 22
/ShingekiNoKyojin 22
/explainlikeIAmA 21
/firstworldproblems 21
/friendsafari 21
/tattoos 21
/ainbow 21
/futurama 21
/nba 21
/thesims 21
/AbandonedPorn 21
/polandball 21
/Whatcouldgowrong 21
/raisedbynarcissists 21
/YouShouldKnow 21
/DCcomics 20
/Supernatural 20
/malefashionadvice 20
/conspiracy 20
/tumblr 20
/youtube 20
/JusticePorn 20
/OkCupid 20
/WaltDisneyWorld 19
/SquaredCircle 19
/summonerschool 19
/shittyfoodporn 19
/offbeat 19
/baseball 19
/redditrequest 19
/Sherlock 19
/runescape 19
/thelastofus 19
/LearnUselessTalents 19
/Cinemagraphs 19
/Bitcoin 19
/fatpeoplestories 19
/xboxone 19
/Yogscast 19
/AskScienceFiction 19
/NoFap 19
/Anxiety 18
/FrozenShipWars 18
/oculus 18
/TrollYChromosome 18
/TopGear 18
/fatlogic 18
/Smite 18
/jailbreak 18
/TheFrozenEffect 18
/gallifrey 18
/lotr 18
/PerfectTiming 18
/itookapicture 18
/childfree 18
/youtubehaiku 18
/nostalgia 18
/asmr 18
/progresspics 18
/iamverysmart 18
/picrequests 17
/travel 17
/httyd 17
/Tempestmasterrace 17
/fatpeoplehate 17
/ClashOfClans 17
/dogs 17
/windowsphone 17
/GamePhysics 17
/forwardsfromgrandma 17
/fullmoviesonyoutube 17
/RWBY 17
/notinteresting 17
/cosplaygirls 17
/DeepIntoYouTube 17
/nonononoyes 17
/PrettyGirls 17
/HighQualityGifs 17
/AnimalCrossing 17
/DnD 17
/FancyFollicles 16
/r4r 16
/Paranormal 16
/subredditoftheday 16
/DoctorWhumour 16
/TheSimpsons 16
/swordartonline 16
/buildapcsales 16
/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon 16
/RedditLaqueristas 16
/GifSound 16
/patientgamers 16
/MechanicalKeyboards 16
/ftlgame 16
/popping 16
/DarkSouls2 16
/scifi 16
/Cooking 15
/Awwducational 15
/swtor 15
/kristanna 15
/britishproblems 15
/AMA 15
/GirlGamers 15
/r9kElsaProject 15
/Parenting 15
/TrueAtheism 15
/gamedev 15
/hansmasterrace 15
/canada 15
/FreeKarma 15
/Fantasy 15
/india 15
/GiftofGames 15
/SkincareAddiction 15
/LosAngeles 15
/freebies 15
/FrozenVirtualBand 15
/nononono 15
/Pareidolia 15
/shittyama 15
/justneckbeardthings 15
/mindcrack 15
/Cyberpunk 15
/watch_dogs 15
/hiphopheads 15
/motorcycles 15
/NetflixBestOf 15
/battlefield3 15
/iphone 15
/guns 15
/TheWalkingDeadGame 14
/horror 14
/Terraria 14
/Naruto 14
/Bad_Cop_No_Donut 14
/needamod 14
/softwaregore 14
/Hungergames 14
/femalefashionadvice 14
/electronicmusic 14
/chicago 14
/Frisson 14
/SteamGameSwap 14
/KingdomHearts 14
/PS3 14
/vexillology 14
/drunk 14
/ContagiousLaughter 14
/Guitar 14
/shield 14
/vita 14
/onetruegod 14
/humor 14
/sweden 14
/JonTron 13
/WeseltonsGuard 13
/TheRedPill 13
/MarkMyWords 13
/actuallesbians 13
/Damnthatsinteresting 13
/ICanDrawThat 13
/Enhancement 13
/investing 13
/RandomKindness 13
/drawing 13
/blunderyears 13
/Portal 13
/GTA 13
/terriblefacebookmemes 13
/gtaonline 13
/Diablo 13
/europe 13
/howtonotgiveafuck 13
/wowthissubexists 13
/ 13
/FinalFantasy 13
/behindthegifs 13
/Military 13
/feedthebeast 13
/Baking 13
/ForeverAlone 13
/minecraftsuggestions 13
/introvert 13
/keto 13
/AmericanHorrorStory 13
/TheBluePill 13
/Disneyland 12
/Random_Acts_Of_Pizza 12
/TalesFromYourServer 12
/ipad 12
/boardgames 12
/EatCheapAndHealthy 12
/jobs 12
/worldcup 12
/arresteddevelopment 12
/CatsStandingUp 12
/pokemontrades 12
/SuggestALaptop 12
/web_design 12
/Animesuggest 12
/QuotesPorn 12
/SuicideWatch 12
/Philippines 12
/SuperShibe 12
/katawashoujo 12
/awwnime 12
/RandomActsOfGaming 12
/alternativeart 12
/ProgrammerHumor 12
/RoomPorn 12
/beards 12
/happy 12
/australia 12
/electronic_cigarette 12
/Libertarian 12
/Disney_Infinity 12
/arrow 12
/math 12
/PandR 12
/tall 12
/makemychoice 12
/WildStar 12
/marvelstudios 12
/classic4chan 12
/calvinandhobbes 12
/Eyebleach 12
/exmormon 11
/boston 11
/neopets 11
/Health 11
/frozenvirtualchoir 11
/formula1 11
/EDC 11
/gravityfalls 11
/PenmanshipPorn 11
/snackexchange 11
/worldbuilding 11
/Aquariums 11
/LongDistance 11
/everymanshouldknow 11
/hardware 11
/skyrimmods 11
/titanfall 11
/Dexter 11
/shortscarystories 11
/Gaming4Gamers 11
/Drugs 11
/Battlefield 11
/Metroid 11
/LucidDreaming 11
/Tinder 11
/Glitch_in_the_Matrix 11
/Warthunder 11
/aviation 11
/OnePiece 11
/elderscrollsonline 11
/dbz 11
/195 11
/trashy 11
/im14andthisisdeep 11
/ThriftStoreHauls 11
/memes 11
/oldpeoplefacebook 11
/dragonage 11
/paradoxplaza 11
/ffxiv 11
/toosoon 11
/Roadcam 11
/perfectloops 11
/socialism 11
/southpark 11
/Borderlands 11
/ProRevenge 11
/AlienBlue 11
/buildapcforme 11
/RealGirls 11
/AndroidGaming 11
/toronto 11
/WouldYouRather 11
/gaybros 11
/GTAV 10
/recipes 10
/orangeisthenewblack 10
/ShouldIbuythisgame 10
/JenniferLawrence 10
/homestuck 10
/tipofmypenis 10
/unitedkingdom 10
/TrueFilm 10
/duolingo 10
/gamernews 10
/CookieClicker 10
/Eve 10
/3amjokes 10
/watchpeopledie 10
/LetsNotMeet 10
/CFB 10
/FanFiction 10
/Filmmakers 10
/DAE 10
/gif 10
/ExpectationVsReality 10
/DaftPunk 10
/WatchItForThePlot 10
/nerdcubed 10
/KillLaKill 10
/sailormoon 10
/KarmaCourt 10
/MilitaryPorn 10
/gamingsuggestions 10
/applehelp 10
/Punny 10
/Portland 10
/skeptic 10
/sto 10
/bicycling 10
/headphones 10
/entertainment 10
/EmmaWatson 10
/nyc 10
/ShitRedditSays 10
/DunderMifflin 10
/WhatsInThisThing 10
/CGPGrey 10
/minimalism 10
/paydaytheheist 10
/Justrolledintotheshop 10
/standupshots 10
/furry 10
/androidcirclejerk 10
/ProtectAndServe 10
/gaymers 10
/bindingofisaac 10
/linux 10
/misc 10
/ArcherFX 10
/Planetside 10
/legaladvice 10
/gonewildcurvy 10
/japan 10
/xxfitness 10
/TheFacebookDelusion 10
/FrozenFBI 9
/GotG 9
/college 9
/BigBrother 9
/weddingplanning 9
/AnimalsBeingDerps 9
/disneyprincess 9
/Helsamasterrace 9
/getdisciplined 9
/polyamory 9
/Autos 9
/superman 9
/FloridaMan 9
/newreddits 9
/starbound 9
/spongebob 9
/beer 9
/nsfw_gifs 9
/conspiratard 9
/netflix 9
/Seattle 9
/animation 9
/fairytail 9
/Rainmeter 9
/ANormalDayInRussia 9
/iosgaming 9
/Warhammer40k 9
/ghibli 9
/google 9
/diablo3 9
/Celebs 9
/rickandmorty 9
/BDSMcommunity 9
/ladybonersgw 9
/PoliticalDiscussion 9
/somethingimade 9
/Monstercat 9
/MMA 9
/penpals 9
/hentai 9
/wallpaper 9
/IdiotsFightingThings 9
/tf2trade 9
/Anarcho_Capitalism 9
/vinyl 9
/ClubTeen 9
/mexico 9
/linguistics 9
/DebateReligion 9
/misleadingthumbnails 9
/chemicalreactiongifs 9
/fifthworldproblems 9
/whitepeoplegifs 9
/sysadmin 9
/rpg 9
/AppHookup 9
/counting 9
/SourceFed 9
/bleach 9
/gamemusic 9
/AmISexy 9
/Pizza 9
/DrunkOrAKid 9
/webcomics 9
/knitting 9
/bigboobproblems 9
/inthenews 9
/gardening 9
/Foodforthought 9
/CrusaderKings 9
/JobFair 8
/buffy 8
/slowcooking 8
/photography 8
/pokemonzetaomicron 8
/Meditation 8
/RedditDayOf 8
/gamingpc 8
/spam 8
/blackops2 8
/SimCity 8
/computers 8
/longboarding 8
/Metal 8
/EquestriaGirls 8
/circlebroke 8
/ThingsCutInHalfPorn 8
/FellowKids 8
/tech 8
/IndieGaming 8
/darksouls 8
/Catholicism 8
/Gore 8
/Rateme 8
/worldpolitics 8
/spaceporn 8
/manga 8
/nightvale 8
/Buddhism 8
/answers 8
/shittyadvice 8
/ClopClop 8
/birdswitharms 8
/xkcd 8
/badhistory 8
/vegetarian 8
/HistoricalWhatIf 8
/awwwtf 8
/BabyBumps 8
/FrozenProject 8
/yugioh 8
/islam 8
/TaylorSwift 8
/CoDCompetitive 8
/UkrainianConflict 8
/Scrubs 8
/whatsthisbug 8
/undelete 8
/Astronomy 8
/instant_regret 8
/StartledCats 8
/HalfLife 8
/TagPro 8
/FunnyandSad 8
/bisexual 8
/Cynicalbrit 8
/Borderlands2 8
/steampunk 8
/Physics 8
/bannedfromclubpenguin 8
/ABraThatFits 8
/xbox360 8
/Bacon 8
/starcitizen 8
/CollegeBasketball 8
/JurassicPark 8
/dating_advice 8
/SRSsucks 8
/foodhacks 8
/MakeNewFriendsHere 8
/Israel 8
/italy 8
/Cosmos 8
/totalwar 8
/cumsluts 8
/KarmaConspiracy 8
/daddit 8
/LGBTeens 8
/socialanxiety 8
/birthcontrol 8
/army 8
/NotTimAndEric 8
/youdontsurf 8
/SpinningSnowflake 7
/ADreamOfArendelle 7
/punzanna 7
/orphanblack 7
/RedPillWomen 7
/crafts 7
/PrettyGirlsUglyFaces 7
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Altcoins Vs Bitcoin Chart [2 Things You Must Know About It ... DOGECOIN - WTF is going on? Dogecoin More Popular Bitcoin Cash?  Roger Ver Explains DogeCoin vs BitCoin ETHEREUM VS BITCOIN Bitcoin Price $2597 Cryptocurrency News Chart Analysis FREE BITCOIN BTC ETH

Aug 26, 2017 - Though still volatile, Bitcoin is surging in value and being spent more freely; it’s also inspired a legion of competitors.. . Saved from Bitcoin Exchange, Trading BTC USD, BTC EUR - CEX.IO. Established in London in 2013, the leading cryptocurrency exchange offers Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Zcash, Dash and other trading options, provides 24/7 ... Cryptocurrencies allow users to transfer money instantly. There is also a speculative market for the 'coins' on which the cryptocurrency is based. XVG is a fork from Dogecoin. However, their fates have been very different. One essential difference that led to this diverging trends in their price lines is the privacy that XVG claims to offer over Dogecoin. The potential is still very high for XVG to outperform Doge as long as the XVG team stay true to their promise of complete anonymity. Bitcoincharts is the world's leading provider for financial and technical data related to the Bitcoin network. It provides news, markets, price charts and more. DOGE Vs. BTC. DOGE Vs. BTC. TradingView . DE. TradingView. Anmelden. Ticker, Name Trading Ideen Ausbildungsbereich Skripte Mitglieder. Profil Profileinstellungen Konto und Abrechnung Angeworbene Freunde Coins Meine Support Tickets Hilfe Center Veröffentlichte Ideen Followers Ich folge Dunkles Design Abmelden Anmelden ...

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Altcoins Vs Bitcoin Chart [2 Things You Must Know About It ...

DOGECOINS hardware mining review comparison charts - performance of AMD RADEON R9 series - R9 270X VS R9 280X VS R9 290 VS R9 290X measured and compared. You can mine DOGE COINS with your graphics ... January 21, 2014 -- Kailua, HI -- MadBitcoins means MadBitcoins. The MadBitcoins Subscriber Index is at 1925. In the 1925 World Series, the Pittsburgh Pirate... Here at we've heard certain people make the statement that dogecoin has a higher transaction throughput than bitcoin cash therefore it is more popular, has lower fees and is better. In ... PROFIT PACKAGE 💰 PIVX SIACOIN Bitcoin Price 2821 Cryptocurrency News Analysis FREE BITCOIN BTC 2017 - Duration: 23:16. Brandon D. Kelly, MBA 4,777 views 23:16 07.03.2018 - #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Doge Wir analysieren heute Bitcoin & Ethereum, Doge und Stratis ----- Meinen RSI-Indikator finde...