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[Table] IamA guy who hand makes goat milk soap (I am not high, and I meant to do this) AMA!

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Date: 2014-07-05
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Why soap? goat milk and goat cheese seem a bit more practical. what are major selling points of goat milk soap vs glycerin based soap? When I was a kid and we had the full farm going we sold cheese, yogurt, kifer, milk, and soap. Now I don't have that much time to run a full farm and go to school. Soap made the most sense from a business stand point as it is non perishable and the margins are better then the rest (less spoil and waste)
Goat milk soap has glycerin in it. Glycerin is a product that is made when the saponification process happens. What you are doing is taking a tri-glyceride fat, liberating the glycerin backbone and turning the fatty acids into soap, or surfactant. The soap part cleans and the glycerin (glycerol, same compound different name) is healthy for your skin. Goat milk has added vitamins, nutrients and exfoliating properties then strait glycerin soap.
How did you make your kefir? Much like yogurt but a different culture. It's like a drinkable yogurt if you have never had it.
Saponification. What happens when you screw up making biodiesel. Not screw it up but have the right (or the wrong, in this case) kind of fatty acids in there. On a side note, my master’s thesis is on the production of biodiesel.
Is the process difficult? And how much time does it take for it to be made? Also, is it actually sold a lot? The process isn't inherently difficult but there is a lot of little things that effect the quality of the finished soap. I use a basic cold process ( you can Google it) but have made a lot of tweeks from years of making it with my mom and now my better understanding of the chemical process (saponification) of making soap.
A usually make two batches at a time and it takes me about 4 hours.
Ya there is a lot of this stuff out there. I might be biased but I think I make a very good product. I used to make it and give it out as Christmas presents to people I know but then they wanted to start buying off me and it has grown from there.
I think I make a very good product. From now on i picture you as Heisenberg! Shhh, you'll blow my cover. Instead of a laundry above me I have this.
How much for goat milk meth? About...tree fidy'
What makes goats milk worth making soap out of? how is it different than normal soap? Great question. Goat milk has a lot of moisturizing qualities that really help out your skin. It is a natural product that doesn't require special chemicals to help it adsorb into your skin like a lot of commercial lotions have. It has a lot of vitamin A that helps repair damaged skin. There are also a lot of minerals in there too, like selenium, that have moisturizing qualities.
Is it better than human fat? im sorry this has just been a build up to a fighclub joke... but i am glad i learned something. if i see goats milk soap at a farmers market (is that where you sell it?) i will try some. To clear this up now you can't make soap from human fat, well good soap. If animal fat is used it has to be tallow. Tallow is a hard fat from around the kidneys of cows. As a kid we used this but it make for a very heavy bar of soap that doesn't lather well. Now I only use olive, coconut and other plant based oils.
Like i said, im sorry for the dumb fightclub joke. its the 4th and im kinda drunk. that being said, how would i find home made soaps? farmers market? i really would try them. You can find them there, i would suggest going to my website, Link to , but I might be biased.
I like the site. might i suggest adding the phrase "I make and sell soap" to it. REAL RESPONSE HERE i have hard water, is artisan soap any different in those conditions? It isn't. If you use a water softener it will feel like you are a little slippery but that is because the soap isn't leaving behind a residue you are used too with commercial soaps.
I am using a softener. and i always feel slimy. brb ordering soap. thanks for putting up with the dumb fightclub jokes. If you feel slimy after you are dry that is no good. If you are wet that is a product of the salt that replaces your hard water (calcium and magnesium) pulling the glycerol out of the soap. As in fight club, you can pull glycerol out of the soap by adding salt. Glycerol is a good thing for your skin, but most of the glycerol that gets made in the soap making process gets pulled out of the finished product in large companies as it can be sold for a much high price for other industrial uses.
At what age did you begin learning to make the soap? At what age did you stop? What made you decide to go back to it? I started when I was around 14. I remember boiling down tallow (fat) on the front porch on Saturdays, not fun. I did that for quite a few years than didn't get back into it tell I was about 23. I have been making it for myself, family and friends for the last 5 years and now in the last year looking to grow this into something I can at least help support myself as I finish my Master's degree.
I'm curious, what's your master's degree in? Chemical Engineering
I had a goat named Cheerios as a kid (no pun intended... although, it's a good one). Goats are the best. Did you always have goats? What is your favorite goats name? Ya I grew up with a ton of goats. I had kept one as a pet when I was a kid and named him Tumnus from the lion the witch and the wardrobe. I liked to push on his head and then he would chase me and head but me. It was fun until he got to be a big guy and just pounce on me.
How many goats do you have, how much milk do you get from them, and how much soap does that translate into? Also, is this kind of thing worth the time and effort if you were just supplying your own household, or is it pretty much commercial or nothing? Thanks - this is so interesting! Owning a goat to just to supply my own home in soap is not worth it. They are like any animal and take a lot of up keep. My mother keeps the goat at the moment as I am in school but if this grows I will be getting my own. I can get about a gallon a day per goat. This translates into a lot of soap so we drink it too.
How do you go around selling it? On the streets or is it demanded by pharmacies and stores? I have a few local stores I go to, word of mouth is the biggest way so far, but I am looking to expand into a real business not just a hobby. Now I am looking to break into the internet market.
What kind of stores do you approach? Which ones have the best sales? I am building a relationship with a chiropractor and looking to get into his office. I also live in a tourist town so there are a lot of places that sell locally made things. I'm not in a store now but as a kid the best stores my Mom sold out of were feed stores. We were in a small Texas town though so feed stores were the place to go for soap I guess.
Have you tried etsy yet? I like your goat logo. Have you looked into the hand rafters soap and cosmetic guild? That may help you too. Ya I am on etsy too. I will have to look into the guild think, thanks!
I'm about to move to a small, Texas tourist town and before I read this comment of yours I was thinking "Hey, I could probably do this where I am moving to". Now I am worried that I am moving to the same town and would be stepping on your toes. No worries! I am a free economics kind of guy and if you put me out of business I shouldn't be in business.
In beach towns along the Florida coast, there is sample soap in bathrooms in restaurants that have a sign by it saying where someone can go to purchase it if they like the soap. Just a thought for expanding your market (I want royalties if this works) Taking down your user name and will mail the stacks of cash to you.
DOCTORS are warning people with skin conditions not to use beauty products containing food ingredients after a Melbourne woman almost died following her use of a goat’s milk moisturiser. Link to Wow this is the first time I have seen this. It is hard to believe this happened with a normal use of a goat milk product. I’m not a doctor but I'll have to look into this more as it is the first time I have seen any kind of allergy to goats milk like this in the 15 or so years I have been working with goat milk products.
Can i eat it? You can, but it wouldn't be good. Link to
Where do you get your goats milk from? Goats! I ussaly get it from the family farm but m our sourceing at the moment. Just have to know who to talk to.
I tried to do this as challenge but was put off with using lye, would you suggest trying it with a small batch or is the cost not effective? I make them in small batches. You have to use lye, no way around that. I am well trained in handeling harsh chemicals but you do have to be very careful!
Do you use lye? When I make my soap i use lye and everyone always freeks out about it. If you can find another way to make it, you would be rich! It, or another equalally strong base, is the only way to make soap.
Do you know what a duvet is? Yes, I am under one right now. Getting them in there cover is the worst part about laundry day.
Which goat breeds produce the best milk for soap? What about the best for drinking or cheeses? Edit-grammar. I would say nubian. They give less milk but it has a much better butterfat content and tastes way better.
Would you be kind enough to share a recipe ? :( sorry no, It is leagly my mothers and I can't share it with anyone out side of the family.
Do you think the final product of a CP goat milk soap is superior to one made with a goat milk melt and pour base? If so, why? Also, do you or would you consider making and selling a melt and pour base? I have never used a melt and pour base myself but I know with my process you can't re-melt it and not have some degradation in the quality.
When will you have more blood orange goat soap? I have it made allready but it will be 3 weeks before it is cured enough to sell.
Does it have that goaty smell or taste? No! This is one thing I can not stand and don't taste it, it's soap.
I WANT TO BUY ALL YOUR BARS. I'm curious, I get really bad, painful acne on my back sometimes. How would goats milk soap affect this? It should do wonders. It helps to remove old oils from your skin and mosturize too so you don't get all dryed out.
Have you ever been surprised by someone's reason for preferring your soap? I had a guy tell me it revolutionized his shower experience, that was pretty cool.
Bob Saget and Steve Buscemi. Who would win in a fight? Bob is a bad ass but I think Steve would win from strait wileness.
Is it possible to make soap out of human boob milk? I’m sure it is possible, but not very marketable, in my opinion.
Would you rather fight 100 soap-sized goats or 1 goat-sized soap? Edit: The goat-sized soap is very heavy and can slide at your shins inflicting damage. 100 soap-sized goats. I feel like I could take a tremors II aprove and blat them all with some high rate firepower.
Have you tried accepting crypto currencies? I know the shibes over at /dogecoin usually go crazy whenever a smaller business shows up and wants to accept doge! I haven't, but it would be cool. Just have to collect a ton and hold on to them for when they go big like Bitcoins...
Do you wanna build a snowman... using goat's milk? No, Frozen goats milk looks yellow and like pee ice...
Do you use your own soap? Only thing I have used scence I was a kid.
Are you saying that you've actually made pee ice before? Well, I have peed on snow...
Can we buy the soap online? You can! Link to
Can goat milk be used to make other products (not edible)? And would you consider expanding your business to other products using goat milk? I am, loations and other specialty soaps such as shaveing and dog soaps.
What's your favorite kind of sandwich? Potbelly's Mediterranean with chicken.
This one? Ya but you got to throw chicken on it, non of that vegetarian stuff.
What do you think of Canus brand goats milk soap? Their scented version is way too strong for me, but they are what got me hooked with their unscented. Once I run out of my last bulk purchase from Amazon I will have to look your up! I have never used their stuff. I scent my soaps with essential oils so in the shower it gives a wonderful aroma that isn't overpowering.
Do you take requests for scents? After checking your site, I notice that you don't yet have a sweet floral one. I am working that way but it is difficult to do with essential oils.
It says that your shipping to Australia would be $50 dollars. Is that, um, right? I was ready to buy a bar until I saw that I'd be paying $55.50. Shipping for up to 4 bars should only be 18. then up to 8 is 26... i'll look into it.
No shipping to Canada :( will that ever be available eh? Messeage me and I'll see what I can do.
Okay, I love goat milk soap. It is the only soap that doesn't make me break out. I have a lot of allergies, though. Can we get an ingredient list for your soaps, either here or on the website? Ya ill look at incorperating that into my website here in the next few days. Thanks for the suggestion!
I wanted to buy your soap, but it seems you don't ship to Canada. Do you know if you will soon? Privet message me and we'll get something worked out.
Do you have an etsy store? Please say yes. Yes, sageandlinneasoaps.
Do you plan on allowing shipping international outside the USA such as Canada, Europe, etc? Yes, I just poste those shipping options.
I've been really interested in the idea of making soap for a while. What does the process entail? Also, keep doing what you're doing! I'd love to order some once your website's up and running. :) It is up and running! Link to Thank you for your support.
Are your soaps made with coconut products? I have an severe allergy and have a really hard time finding soaps without coconut derivatives. Yes they are :( I'm sorry.
Have you thought about mentioning that you make BEER SCENTED SOAP as part of your pitch ? I mean, I know its Hops, but still BEER SCENTED SOAP :) That is one of the fun ones!
Would you consider having a soap battle (to the death) with my cousin? He too is a goat milk soaper. Bring it!
Your website only seemed to sell to the US how would I go about getting say one of each kind to New South Wales, Australia? I buy some from the local chemist (drug store/pharamcy in US) here. But yours seems to look better and come in more scents. Email me on the site and we can work out shipping.
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